Garden Shops in Auckland, NZ


Gardens can add real beauty to our surroundings, parks and other public places. Be it for ornamental or food production, they have come to be infused as one of the best ways to beautify our immediate environment.  For lovers of nature and garden fanatics in Auckland, the list below will give you knowledge of the best shops that offer plant shopping services,

Wrights Water Gardens

Situated in the environs of the beautiful Mauku stream & waterfall, so if you have any thought of needing water plants like lotus and water lily in Auckland; Wrights Water Gardens is your sure bet. The garden features some of the best winding pathways, native bushes, several species of water animals (alpacas and turtles) and picturesque sculptures. So why walking through some inspections, it would be ideal to catch a quick cup of coffee at their café.

Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Garden

For nearly three decades, this awesome garden located at Kaipara Coast Auckland, have been core specialists in plant science. Their sculpture garden is one arguably one of Auckland’s finest. Other features of Kaipara Coast Plant Centre are the flowing sideway streams, stunning waterfalls and native bushes. It also creates an avenue that appreciates the raw talents of Kiwi artists


Commonly called the masters of indoor gardening, their flower species include bonsais, orchids and cacti. Located at City Works Depot, Monstera is undoubtedly one of Auckland’s favourite flower shops where your home can be converted to a have a replica of a greenhouse after shopping with them. 

The Native Plant Centre

Everyone who needs a good concentration of the best native plants always make this garden their first choice. Located in Albany, the Native Plant Centre prides itself with a wide range of native plants. One advantage to plant shopping with them is that tips are always given to customers on how best to groom native plants in their personal gardens including tricks to attract native birds to your plants.

Roger Hunter’s Garden Centre

Roger, the owner of this garden has a great reputation of 40 years in the world of gardening. You will certainly find pink coloured wheelbarrows containing a good collection of climbers, flower plunnets, seedlings, palms, perennials being pushed around in their nursery state. The Roger Hunter’s Garden has turned out to be the delight of most gardeners in Auckland and beyond. 


Talk about a perfect indoor ecosystem, then this garden situated at Grey Lynn will definitely ring a loud bell. Having a whole other world concealed in a glass bowl, the terrariums in Bioattic has rare species of bonsai which exude peacefulness while experiencing growth in their rustic pots. Think of bringing Zen your inner life (living room) then visit Bioattic for their specialty plants. 


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